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Disease Management

Caring for members with chronic conditions

Maryland Physicians Care members may be eligible for our disease management program for diabetes and/or asthma. For members under the age of 18, our health coaching services are provided to the parent or guardian of the member with involvement of the member as appropriate. 

Member referrals may be made by calling our Special Needs Coordinator at 1-800-953-8854 or by email at:

Please provide the reason for the referral and pertinent demographic information. The MPC disease management program (DM) is delivered by Health Coaches in partnership with Envolve Health.

Eligible members can be identified and enrolled in MPC disease management programs through a number of methods:

  • Identifying candidates by examining medical, laboratory and pharmacy claims and other clinical data
  • Routinely evaluating members’ risk profiles
  • Referral by a primary care physician or case manager
  • Self-referral/enrollment

Our disease management program is voluntary and all members have the option to agree to the service or decline the service without impact to their benefits.