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Nutrition and Medical Management

Good nutrition and food choices are important for adults to prevent or better manage a chronic condition and avoid complications. Healthy choices also help children develop properly and reduce their risk of getting chronic diseases as an adult. People who eat a healthy diet live longer and lower their risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.

Healthy food choices can still be delicious! You can also enjoy holidays and cultural celebrations that have traditional meals. Listed below are some resources for a variety of cultural foods that allow you to enjoy the taste while still making healthy decisions:

MyPlate for Different Cultures:

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Nutrition for Different Chronic Conditions:


  • ADA food hub – Click on “Filter Recipes” and click the boxes for you preferences based on doctor-recommended nutrition requirements, culture, and meal type
  • Native American

Heart Health / High Blood Pressure / Hypertension




Healthy Recipes from Around the World:

Chinese (South Central)

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Native American


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All of these delicious recipes plus healthy foods and flavors for different holidays and celebrations can be found here!

Local / Community Resource Database – 3 easy steps!

  1. In the “Find” box, type the word “nutrition.”
  2. Select the maximum number of miles you want to travel from your home or any other address within Maryland.
  3. Click the “search” button to see what nutrition resources are available in your area! You can also have the resource sent to your smartphone by clicking on the “Text Resource Info” button.

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