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Did you know exercise plays a role in your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing?


Join Charlene, MPC Fitness Expert, as she leads a fitness video series complete with inspiring motivation and exhilarating exercises. The 5 Minute, Feel Good, Anytime, Anywhere Workouts are quick workouts designed to enrich your body and mood.

You can do these workouts anywhere – in your home, at the park, in a studio – you name it! Charlene describes each exercise step-by-step, detailing how the moves help your body. Modifications are presented in the videos, so individuals of all levels can join in the movement.

Well-being | Biceps

Well-being | Easy Burpees

Well-being | Cardio

Well-being | Core Part 2

Well-being | Core Part 1

Photo of Charlene Pistorio

Charlene R. Pistorio CPT
Group Fitness Instructor

  • Owner of Lean with Charlene, a Virtual Support Program for Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition Control.
  • Les Mills certified in BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyPump
  • Motivational Speaker, Business owner, Mother of 3
  • 20+ years of experience in exercise, weightlifting, personal training and group personal training
  • Specialize in Weight loss, Group Personal Training, Strength Training, TRX, Metabolic and Novice Fitness Training
  • Fox Radio News Expert-Local Magazine Contributor -Weight Loss Support-Nutrition & Wellness Coach
Getting up and moving – even if only for five minutes – will activate your muscles, get your adrenaline pumping, and give you the extra boost to finish the day strong!

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