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Pregnancy-Related Support Services

Home Visiting Services

Home visiting services provide support to pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as support for parents and children during the postpartum period and up to two or three years of age. Home visiting services include prenatal home visits, postpartum home visits, and infant home visits. You also have access to Doula support services!

Participating Providers

Charles County – Under Contract Review
Garrett County – Under Contract Review
Harford County – Under Contract Review
St. Mary’s County – Under Contract Review
Washington County – Under Contract Review
Wicomico County – Under Contract Review

Doula Support

Doulas provide three kinds of services: prenatal visits, attendance at labor and
delivery, and postpartum visits. The perinatal visits are often in the birthing parent’s
home. In these visits, the doula and birthing parent discuss such topics as:

  • Anatomy of labor and birth,
  • Common medical birth procedures,
  • Common comfort measures during labor and birth,
  • Mental wellness and self-care,
  • Communication skills and self-advocacy during labor and delivery,
  • Breastfeeding benefits and techniques,
  • Community resources, and
  • Postpartum support for the birthing parent and baby.

Doulas also attend labor and delivery to provide emotional and physical support.

Medicaid Enrollment Guide for Doulas

Participating Providers

Please check back periodically for an updated list of providers.

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