If you are enrolled in Medicaid, you must renew once a year or you will lose your coverage.

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Free Programs

Members have access to free programs and community resources as part of their Maryland Physicians Care plan. These programs are designed to provide extra help and assistance for everyday health concerns, available through apps and over the phone.

Members also have access to doctors for answers to your health questions through your phone or computer with MyVirtualMPC.

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Your Medicaid coverage through Maryland Physicians Care means you don’t have to go to the doctor to be seen by one. Skip the waiting room and text with a medical doctor for FREE with MyVirtualMPC. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Doctors are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Download MyVirtualMPC today.

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Download the MyVirtual MPC app or go to myvirtualmpc.com and see how easy it is to connect to a doctor!

Pregnancy Care for MPC Members

MPC focuses on providing women with access to personalized quality care and support services before and after giving birth. It is very important to stay in contact with your health care team and adopt healthy behaviors during this time.

To help, MPC has developed a program that gives you access to a care team that includes an OB provider, nurse care advisor, health educator, community health worker, social worker, and pharmacist, as appropriate to meet your individual needs. You will also have access to a registered nurse or a health educator that will act as your primary care advisor. Your primary care advisor will perform a full assessment and develop a care action plan to get started.

Free Pacify App

Maryland Physicians Care now offers access to Pacify memberships – at no cost!
Pacify connects pregnant and new moms with:

  • Pacify Lactation Consultants: Available 24/7 via video to offer breastfeeding support and answer other feeding-related questions
  • Maryland Physicians Care Case Managers: Available 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday via phone to help with benefits, finding a doctor, or scheduling an appointment

All Pacify services are available at the touch of a button! There are no appointments required, and members can call as much as needed.

Pacify’s education resource library will provide members with helpful educational content and tips to support them with all of their infant feeding needs and questions. Members can easily access the resource through the sidebar menu in their Pacify app.

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Start your membership today – it’s easy!

Claim your unique sign-up code here to get started and download the app for iPhone or Android for free.

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Transportation Assistance

Need help getting to your appointment?
Call MPC Member Services at 1-800-953-8854. and see how MPC can assist

Join the FREE, Members Only Reward Program - Belong

Belong rewards MPC members with healthy prizes and valuable coupons – sign up to start enjoying the benefits.

Look at some of the previous prizes our members have won!

Register today and get:

  • Monthly chances to Win Prizes like Earbuds, Crockpots, Electronics and Gift Cards
  • Valuable Coupons for Grocery Stores
  • Free Gifts at MPC Well on Wheels Community Events.

Free Planet Fitness Memberships in Prince George’s County

Now, your Medicaid coverage through Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) includes a free Classic Membership to Planet Fitness. Currently, the program is only open to MPC members age 13+ living in Prince George’s County, Md. as we evaluate participation.

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State-Provided Cell Phones for Maryland Residents

The SafeLink phone program, offered by the state of Maryland, provides eligible households with a free cell phone and phone service plan.

You can sign up for the SafeLink phone program anytime: Visit SafeLinkWireless.com to apply online or call 1-877-631-2550.

MPC Members: Sign up for Belong.

Belong is a FREE program that rewards MPC members with healthy prizes and valuable coupons!

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