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MPC Community Engagement Team

MPC’s statewide, ten-member Community Engagement Team connects with community members, leaders, and organizations throughout Maryland. Their goal is to help people understand how to get the most out of health insurance coverage.

For additional information, please contact:
Shannon Jones, MPC Community Engagement Manager

Patria Amaya

Patria Amaya

Montgomery County

Phone: 443-510-0241

Patria is a Bilingual Community Engagement Coordinator for Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) in Montgomery County. She worked for MPC for six years in the Outreach Department and four years with GKV as an Event Ambassador promoting MPC. Patria loves helping her community in every way she can. She believes that by helping others, she’s helping herself. Coming from a Hispanic family, Patria understands the importance of helping communities in their own language, especially when getting health insurance.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, and as a stress reliever, she loves to do arts and crafts for her YouTube channel (Mayra DIY & More).

Sidney Boyd

Baltimore City and Baltimore County

Sidney is a people person. He has been engaging with the public since middle school. He helped develop a mentor/ tutor program alongside school counselors for troubled boys. Sidney was also president of his high school student council. These experiences allowed him to meet new people and deal directly with different organizations.

The words outgoing, charismatic, and compassionate describe Sidney. He loves talking to people and listening to their ideas and concerns, hoping to improve the community. He has over five years of experience in community engagement, engaging at college fairs, sporting events, and community food drives.

Sidney has always wanted to work in healthcare because he enjoys helping people. His goal is to help as many people as possible by spreading knowledge and showing the people in his community that MPC cares about their wellbeing.

Zulma Chavez

Prince George’s County

Phone: 443-547-2664

Zulma is a Bilingual Community Engagement Coordinator for Maryland Physicians Care in Prince George’s County. She started working with MPC in 2012 and has worked in different roles throughout the years. Zulma has received two work-related awards from her peers for her integrity and commitment. Her passion is to connect and engage with people to help meet the needs of the community. She grew up in Maryland, and during her free time, she loves to cook and take road trips with her husband and children.

Robbinette Dorsey

Carroll, Frederick, and Howard counties

Phone: 443-510-2212

Robbinette has been employed with Maryland Physicians Care for 19 years with the Care Management Department, working with pregnant women, children, and the substance abuse population. She believes that knowledge is power, and my passion is to assist members of a diverse community in making our community overcome some of life’s obstacles and challenges. Robinette is a people person that is always willing to help, engage, and assist those who have needs with integrity and commitment.

Robbinette is married with four adult children and is a grandmother of 17 wonderful grandchildren. She was a previous road manager to an R&B and Gospel group for over 25 years. Also, Robbinette is a motorcycle club secretary and an avid motorcycle rider, riding her bright orange Harley Davison motorcycle.

Darryl Gray

Baltimore City and Harford County

Phone: 443-547-2668

Darryl is a Certified Community Health Worker and has been with Maryland Physicians Care since 2019. He is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan. Lending a helping hand with compassion is one of his greatest attributes.

Tiffany Harris

Prince George's and Montgomery Counties

Phone: 410-780-9757

Ambitious, passionate, and devoted are three words that define Tiffany’s character. She is a Community Engagement Specialist with eight years of experience working in Washington D.C. and Prince Georges County. Tiffany began her career journey with Maryland Physician Care in 2022, fulfilling the role of Community Engagement Coordinator. She most recently transitioned from working with the Prince Georges County Department of Social Services as a Medical Navigator.

Tiffany is currently enrolled as a student at The University of Maryland, majoring in Psychology. She has a strong background in Information Technology and possesses multiple certifications. Her perseverance, warm spirit, and passion for helping others often get her recognized by the community. She enjoys learning, sports, and cooking. Tiffany loves to make people smile; she is a real team player.

Shannon Jones

Community Engagement Manager

Phone: 410-412-9730

Healthcare has been my profession for over 20 years; however, helping others has been my passion for as far back as I can remember. Today I have the honor to say I lead a team who are just as passionate about helping others as I am. Leading Maryland Physicians Care’s Community Engagement Team has been most rewarding. The Community Engagement Representatives introduced on this page are out in the field making a difference in communities across the State of Maryland every day, and that brings me joy! The team has successfully built collaborative relationships with organizations who provide many different services to their communities, such as food drives, health resource fairs, and back-to-school events.

I have worked for Maryland Physicians Care since 2001 in different roles throughout the years. I’m a mother of two teenagers. I have been a foster mother for many kids, one which I have adopted. I have a small baking business and I love riding my Harley. My Dad is my Hero; he taught me to help others whenever I can. My Mom is my Shero; she says it costs nothing to just smile.

Xiomara Martinez

Montgomery and Prince George’s counties

Phone: 443-931-0945

Xiomara is a knowledgeable marketing specialist with nearly 7+ years of indirect and direct marketing experience and demonstrative and advertising experience in both the public and private sectors. She has extensive expertise and relies on multiple communicative methods to connect with a target audience.

Prior to joining MPC, Xiomara worked for GMR marketing, Our People Entertainment, MH Concepts, and 2 Dot Productions, as well as many other production marketing firms.

Xiomara has been at the forefront of professional development throughout her impressive career.

Xiomara understands the importance of helping communities in their own language, especially in obtaining health insurance. She graduated from Harford Community College as an EMT and volunteers at her local fire department to help those in need. In her spare time, she loves going to Dodger and Redskins games, grilling out and spending quality time with her family. Xiomara also loves aviation and flies with friends when she can.

Shanna McClendon

Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties

Phone: 443-547-2456

Community Engagement and helping people is Shanna’s true passion. She considers herself to be passionate with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals. She has promoted a positive change in the communities and individuals through advocacy, empowered by her compassion. Shanna cultivates relationships across a diverse community by developing partnerships, building relationships among the community’s partners, non-profits, schools, and service providers by doing effective outreach, attending events, and other communication opportunities.

Ana Money

Ana Money

Montgomery County

Phone: 443-924-4923

With more than 20 years in the insurance industry, Ana Money is dedicated and passionate about helping and collaborating with the community. She is friendly and charitable and likes to help in whatever way she can. Ana is bilingual and started working with Maryland Physicians Care in 2022 as a Community Engagement Coordinator in Montgomery County.

Her focus is to help the community and provide them with the necessary information to obtain health insurance that is within their reach. In Ana’s spare time, she likes to relax and spend quality time with her children.

Amanda Petersen

Amanda Petersen

Allegany, Garrett, and Washington counties

Phone: 443-547-2706

Amanda Petersen has been with Maryland Physicians Care since 2019 and is now the Western Maryland Community Engagement Representative, serving the communities of Washington, Allegany, and Garrett counties.
By building relationships with community organizations, such as Meritus Medical Center and UPMC Western Maryland, she hopes to make a difference and help those in her community. Amanda grew up in Maryland and enjoys spending her free time with her family.

Hector Roque

Montgomery and Prince George’s counties

Hector is a healthcare professional with extensive experience coordinating clinical trials and community outreach projects. His passion is ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare information and services. Previously, Hector served as Clinical Project Coordinator at the National Institute of Drug Abuse, where he supported a major research initiative and led a team providing website support and reporting.

An avid music lover, Hector enjoys discovering new talents as well as established musicians. He finds great joy in learning about other cultures through their cuisine and travel destinations. Quality time with his loved ones, including his parents, brother, and grandparents, is something he cherishes. When seeking to unwind from a busy schedule, Hector often visits the beach with his loyal canine companion, Canelo. Both find their greatest happiness soaking in the peaceful scenery along the sandy shores.”

Demita Simon

Baltimore City and Baltimore County

Phone: 443-547-2640

Demita is a CCHW and Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician. She has been in healthcare for over 16 years. Demita loves to help those in need; therefore, the work that she does in the community is her calling. She enjoys making others laugh and dancing.

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