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Vaccines and Well Visits

As a parent, we always want to keep our children safe. Vaccines are important to prevent serious diseases. It is time to get your kids back on track to keep them safe from preventable childhood diseases.

Contact your primary care provider to discuss the extra steps they are taking to make your visit safe. These may include screening and separating sick people from those coming in for well visits, requiring staff and visitors to wear masks, increased cleaning, recommending the COVID-19 vaccination, making hand gel available, and other actions to limit your contact with people and surfaces.

Tweens (11-12 years old) need vaccines too!

Your tween needs important vaccines too, yet many children at this age don’t get the protection they need. Before their 13th birthday, kids should receive:

  1. (2) HPV (at least two shots depending on the type of vaccine used)
    • Available for boys and girls, it protects against certain types of cancer
  2. 1 Tdap (one shot)
    • Protects against Tetanus exposure which occurs through cuts on the skin
    • Boosters are needed every 5-10 years
  3. 1 Meningococcal (one shot)
    • Protects against certain types of meningitis, which is highly contagious and has serious long-term complications
    • A booster shot is recommended at age 16
  4. Flu Vaccine
    • Recommended every year for individuals six months and older
    • It is best to get the flu vaccine in the early fall

Teen Well Visits Guide
View your immunizations records on file with the Maryland Vaccine Registry.

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