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Educational Webinar – Vaping: Your Kids Think it’s Cool

Join our guest speaker, Heather Grove, a community health nurse at the Caroline County Health Department, for an educational webinar hosted by MPC. This webinar is for parents and caretakers of children and teens. All youth are at risk to start smoking. That risk is even greater now that e-cigarettes and vaping are marketed to young people. By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how Big Tobacco continues to target youth with new products like electronic cigarettes and vapes
  • Be able to identify what newer tobacco products look like and have a basic understanding of how they work
  • Become aware of how much youth are using products like e. cigarettes, vapes, and Juuls
  • Learn of the dangers related to youth tobacco and nicotine use and develop an understanding of why tobacco prevention is important
  • Be able to identify at least one thing they can do to lower the burden of tobacco in their community

Meet Heather Grove
Heather is a Community Health Nurse at Caroline County Health Department, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She has been a registered nurse for eight years and has been in this role for six. She currently works the Cigarette Restitution Fund (CRFP) Grant. The focus of her work is to decrease the burden of tobacco in the community. She is very passionate about tobacco prevention and raising awareness about modern smoking in our communities.

View the slides here (PDF).

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