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Care Management Overview: Because Your Life Matters, We Can Help

Is your health condition or illness worrying you? Were you recently in the hospital or expecting a baby? Do you have a child and would like to know more about their diagnosis or need more help? We can assist with all these concerns or questions through our free Care Management program at Maryland Physicians Care (MPC)!

Care Management at MPC is a team-based approach designed to assist you and your family with managing your medical conditions effectively. We have highly trained nurses, health educators, community health workers, care coordinators, and social workers who would love to work with you or your family.

Our team can help provide education about health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, asthma, heart problems, high-risk pregnancy, and even cancer. We can help you understand your health problems, teach you how to manage your illness and medications, connect you with your doctor, or help you find a new primary care doctor or specialist. Our team can also assist with any transportation issues you have getting to your appointments and help provide resources in your community that might be beneficial.

At MPC, we want to ensure you have the support and assistance needed to manage your health-related issues. Our team is highly trained in various areas and is excited to be able to help you.

Talk to your provider about Care Management or call us at
1-800-953-8854 for more information. Our program is free, and we will work with you and your doctors for your health-related needs and questions.

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