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A healthier you can mean a healthier baby. When you’re pregnant, the best way to take care of your baby is to take care of yourself. We are here to help. If you need help finding a doctor, you can search on our website or call us at 1-800-953-8854.

Be sure to review the following important tips to help you with your pregnancy.

Are you having a baby?

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See Your Doctor

Prenatal care is the care you receive during your pregnancy. During these visits, your doctor will:

  • Talk with you about vitamins
  • Tell you how much weight to gain
  • Talk with you about how to give your baby a healthy start in life
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Check to make sure you and your baby are healthy

Checkups also give your doctor a chance to find and treat any problems early.

Eat Right

To eat well during pregnancy, choose good foods. Try to eat low-fat foods and plenty of:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Protein
  • Foods with calcium. Smart choices include low-fat milk and yogurt.

Cook meat, eggs, and fish all the way through and avoid soft cheeses. This can help keep you from getting sick.

Don’t eat certain kinds of fish. Some fish may contain high levels of mercury. This is a type of metal that could make you or your baby sick. It’s best not to eat:

  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • King mackerel

Be Active

Exercising when you’re pregnant is good for you. It can:

  • Help labor and delivery go more smoothly.
  • Make it easier to get back in shape after having your baby.

Light exercises, such as walking or swimming, are usually best. Check with your doctor about other kinds of exercise.

It’s best not to do activities that involve jumping or quick stops and starts. If you aren’t already active, make sure to start slowly. Try not to do too much at once.

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  • Maryland Physicians Care Case Managers: Available 8 am-5 pm M-F via phone to help with benefits, finding a doctor, or scheduling an appointment

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Pacify’s education resource library will provide members with helpful educational content and tips to support them with all of their infant feeding needs and questions. Members can easily access the resource through the sidebar menu in their Pacify app. View Resource Library Video

Get Your Flu Shot

The flu shot is a good idea for just about everyone. But some people, including pregnant women, are at even higher risk of health problems from the flu.

Pregnancy can put you at higher risk for getting the flu and put your unborn baby at risk, too. But getting a flu shot can help protect you and your baby. The flu shot is safe and is available at no cost to you.

Let your doctor know if you have additional questions. Find out more information about the flu shot.

Additional Tips and Resources

While pregnant, also be sure to:

  • Get enough folic acid. To help prevent certain birth defects, you should get 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid a day. Ask your doctor about taking a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin.
  • Stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Ask your doctor how to quit if you need to
  • Talk to your provider about any medicines or supplements you take
  • Limit coffee and other drinks with caffeine to one or two cups a day
  • Have someone else change the litter box if you have a cat. This can help prevent toxoplasmosis–this is a disease that can seriously harm unborn babies
  • Here are some important ways to keep yourself and your baby in good health.
  • Here are a few more tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

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