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AMR Provider Outreach

Dear Providers, 

In keeping with our commitment to promoting continuous quality care to Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) members, MPC conducted an analysis of medication regimens for members identified with persistent asthma based on HEDIS specifications. If you received this communication, it is because member(s) assigned to your panel have been identified as having persistent asthma with underutilization of or no prescription for ICS [Inhaled Corticosteroids] or LTRA [Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist] therapy based on pharmacy claims data.

It is our goal to support your efforts in caring for MPC members. The Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention 2020 Report states, “Treatment with regular low dose ICS [Inhaled Corticosteroids], with as-needed SABA [Short-Acting Beta Agonist], is highly effective in reducing asthma symptoms and reducing the risk of asthma-related exacerbations, hospitalization, and death.”

MPC recently mailed educational material to members stressing the importance of controller medication adherence and encouraging them to schedule an appointment to update their Asthma Action Plan. We encourage you to conduct outreach to the members that meet the criteria above.

To further support this recommendation, we have made a list of preferred inhaled corticosteroid medications and Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist alternatives. These medications do not require prior authorization and are eligible for a 90-day supply. Click here to view the list of medications (PDF). 

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