If you are enrolled in Medicaid, you must renew once a year or you will lose your coverage.


Maryland Physicians Care Vans on the Road To Promote Awareness for Medicaid Benefits Throughout State

Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) – a statewide Medicaid managed care organization owned by Ascension Saint Agnes, Holy Cross Health, Meritus Health, and UPMC Western Maryland – has launched a statewide campaign to educate communities on Medicaid. Two cargo vans titled “MPC Well on Wheels” travel across Maryland from May 15 to Oct. 16.

“MPC Well on Wheels is a grassroots initiative aimed at creating awareness for Medicaid benefits and eligibility,” said MPC President and CEO Cynthia Demarest. “We want to help people in Maryland live as healthy as possible by providing the full benefits of Medicaid through education, support, and quality programs.”

The vans exterior vinyl lettering asks, “Do You Need Help Getting Free Medical Coverage?” Each van is operated by two MPC brand ambassadors thoroughly trained on MPC’s Medicaid program benefits.

In addition to printed materials, there is a “walking billboard” with a QR code that links to the MPC website, mpcMedicaid.com. There, people can check their Medicaid eligibility using a link to Maryland’s HealthChoice Program. In addition, MPC Well on Wheels vans are equipped with a prize wheel for health-related giveaways.

The vans travel to cultural, community, and faith-based events and have assisted at vaccination clinics.

“Our brand ambassadors encourage healthy living by getting into healthy habits, such as eating smarter, being more active, keeping regular check-ups with the same doctor, and going to annual screening appointments,” said MPC COO Charles Buseck.

The MPC Well on Wheels staff also perform “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout the state. For example, they deliver healthy snack baskets to first responders, pay for loads of wash at laundry mats, and hand out $5 gift cards.

For a complete list of MPC Well on Wheels appearances, visit mpcWellonWheels.com.

Maryland Physicians Care provides free, quality health care services to Maryland’s HealthChoice enrollees by extending the full benefits of Medicaid through a comprehensive network of medical providers. Founded in 1996, MPC believes in helping its members make good decisions about their health through free, quality health care services.

Those interested in enrolling with MPC must first qualify for Medicaid at MarylandHealthConnection.gov.

Learn more about MPC by visiting mpcMedicaid.com.

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