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Educational Webinar – Diabetes Care Basics

Maryland Physicians Care hosted a webinar open to all members of the community. Anyone interested in learning about diabetes should view the slides below. This webinar defined what Diabetes is and to educate on the basics of diabetes. Risk factors, signs, and symptoms were discussed as well as prevention and management of diabetes.

The webinar covered:

  • How to define Diabetes
  • How to define Prediabetes
  • Define the meaning of Gestational Diabetes
  • Review risk factors, signs, and symptoms
  • Distinguish between Type I and Type II Diabetes
  • Ways to prevent and manage diabetes
  • How the Flu/COVID-19 effects Diabetes

The webinar was hosted on behalf of Maryland Physicians Care by Jazmin Ward, a lifelong Marylander and longtime resident of Baltimore City. She has both her Bachelors in Science and Masters in Public Health from Morgan State University.

Jazmin is passionate about improving the quality of life of Marylanders. Most recently she has taught a course about how our environment and social circumstances impact overall human health at Morgan State University. She has previously worked as an Asthma Educator with Johns Hopkins Hospital and as a Prevention and Wellness Specialist with Maryland Physicians Care.

View the slides here (PDF).

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