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My MPC Source (secure online web portal)


Our enhanced, secure and user-friendly web portal is now available. This HIPAA-compliant portal is available 24 hours a day and it supports the functions and access to information that you need to take care of your patients. Popular features include:

  • Single sign-on – One log-in and password allows you to move smoothly through various systems.
  • Mobile interface – Enjoy the additional convenience of access through your mobile device.
  • Personalized content and services – After log-in, you will find a landing page customized for you.
  • Real-time data access – View updates as soon as they are posted.
  • Better tracking – Know immediately the status of each claim submission and medical PA request.
  • eReferrals – Although paper referrals are not required for MPC members, the PCP is required to document visits to a specialist, as well as the results of that visit, in the member record. We encourage providers to go paperless and use this easy, online tool for secure communication and transfer of information to registered specialists electronically.
  • Auto-Auths – Depending on the auth type and service location, it is possible to receive an auto-approval on your request.
  • Detailed summaries – Find easy access to details about denied PA requests or claims.
  • Enhanced information – Analyze, track and improve services and processes.

 Getting access to My MPC Source is easy!

During registration, Maryland Physicians Care providers assign a Primary Representative for their office. An office has only one Primary Representative. The Primary Representative may add authorized representatives. Remember, internet access with a valid e-mail is required for registration.

To get started, you can register now using one of the features noted below:

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